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Planting Potted Roses

Buying potted roses during Summer

Some people may think summer is the wrong time to plant roses. In fact, when buying potted roses you can check the health and vigour of each plant. Planting out potted roses during summer gives excellent results. While rose plants are still in pots water once everyday, even if cool and overcast. If over 30°c a second watering will be required. Do not over water roses once planted in the ground. Just keep the roses wet to damp - not soaking wet. Once established they will need very little water but in early stages (the first 3 months) they will need more than your established roses.

For perfect results everytime, here are 4 key points for planting potted roses:

  1. When planting, never break up the root system, keep as much of the potting mix together as possible.
  2. Never put any fertilizer underneath the root system.
  3. Never mound up the plant too high, keeping the top of the potting mix just below the soil level.
  4. Plants must be firm in the ground with no side to side movement. Basically - the less you do - the better.

Straight out of the pot and straight in the ground. It is more important for us to tell you what not to do as opposed in what to do. If you bought roses on a hot day and think its best to plant them on a cooler day - wrong. They are 100 times better of planted in the moist cool ground than sitting around in a warm black plastic pot so get out there and get them in.

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