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Summer Pruning

Summer Pruning (de-heading)

Have a read of our simple method on summer pruning your roses. The longer the variety grows, the more stem you cut away once the rose buds have dropped their petals after every flush. For example, Queen Elizabeth has very long stems and we recommend to take 70% of its stem away after flowering, yet Angel face is generally a much shorter stem variety so we recommend you only take 30% away.

We are there to help and we can even give free pruning lessons here at the farm. Just book a time and learn once and for all. Hands on is always the way if you can make the trip.

But regardless of what variety, each rose plant should be judged by how long the stems are in your garden. So simply, the longer the stems are, the more you prune away. Dont cut back your roses on hot days or, if a hot day is approaching, as you can actually cook the stems of your roses. We get peoples pics all the time through our e-mails during summer. Also - we have to get away from the term DE-HEADING as we do not want people just taking of the heads once they finish flowering. By doing that, you will end up with a tall - leafless rose that hardly produces flowers.

Thats why we have invented the new term - SUMMER PRUNING. Its makes more sense.

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