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Winter Pruning

Winter Pruning (keeping it simple!)

Dont listen to myths saying that you must cut out crossing branches, cutting on an angle, cut to an outward facing bud and opening the centre. I don't know who started these silly rules. Its so much easier than that! Opening up the centre is for pruning fruit trees and somebody brought that into the rose pruning which is totally wrong. If you did that, you would be removing some of the best water shoots which you really need to keep. So long as you cut all of the dead and old wood out then some of the thinner spindly branches you will be fine. Keeping the youngest new water shoots are the key in keeping even the oldest roses looking young and fresh. And always cut them back to around 40-50 cms. Prune standards the same but take a bit more which is leaving around 30-35cms.

Remember that roses are the most forgiving plant in your garden You can make a lot of mistakes with roses and they will still look great. With a little bit of the right advise - they will even look better! Always remember to ask us for more information on these tips to. If you are experiencing problems - ring us (0359 624 500) or email us.

We are there to help and we can even give free pruning lessons here at the farm. Just book a time and learn once and for all. Hands on is always the way if you can make the trip.

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